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Go China! Go Parallel! With competent advisors! --- CETR's regulatory advice was highly valued by Swiss MedTech companies

November 23, 2023

It was a pleasure presenting CETR and introducing key elements of Medical Device Registration for China, at the networking event organized by RAPS Switzerland Chapter on November 22, 2023 in Bern, Switzerland.

Through the talk and panel discussion, we offered our insights and recommendations to medical device manufacturers, which were highly valued by all participating companies at the event.

Our key advice are:

  • enter the Chinese market as early as possible.

  • go parallel to prepare tech files in advance during product development.

  • work with competent advisors / consultants to minimize risks of failure or delay in registration.

Medical device registration and compliance in China are highly dynamic, time-consuming, complex and challenging. But with proper strategy and good project management assisted by reliable expert advisors, we all can manage it successfully!

This is why CETR is in Europe for you. We secure your registration success in China!

It was delightful at the event meeting colleagues old and new, and having inspiring discussions with many regulatory affairs experts.

Look forward to continuing our exchange / collaboration!


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