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Regulatory compliance in China

Along with your continuous improvements or changes of products in Europe or other markets, maintenance of quality and regulatory compliance of your products in the Chinese market is critical to safeguard your market existence, reputation, and growth of business in China.
  • Be aware of and preventive for common risks and pitfalls.

  • Evaluate the regulatory impact of your product changes before implementing them.

  • Consult and adopt proper regulatory strategies to ensure your product changes are in compliance with the constantly evolving regulatory requirements from Chinese authorities.

  • Examine and correct promptly any noncompliance in your products before they are discovered in the market by your customers or unexpected inspections frequently conducted by various governmental institutions and authorities in China.

CETR China Europe Tech Regulatory helps your business on all these needs in product registrations and compliance to build your business growth in China on a solid foundation. It is the best with a fast regulatory registration to enable your early entry to the Chinese market to capture the fast growth of the market before your competitors. It is essential to have sound compliance of your products in the Chinese market, so you can focus on other important aspects of growing your business in China and other international markets.


We at CETR are located next to you in Switzerland and ensure you a peace of mind meeting these challenges with our high quality services tailored to your every regulatory needs in China.

We help you to register your products in China with the shortest time possible and with the best compliance.

Speak with us to have our advice and details of a service collaboration.

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