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Regulatory registration and compliance for your market access in China

Regulatory registration in China


Regulatory registration of your products at the Chinese authority (e.g. NMPA) is the first critical step to bring your products to the Chinese market. With a clear and solid technical documentation including the compliance to additional national technical requirements in China, your products have a good chance to overcome challenging barriers of regulatory reviews at the Chinese authority.


But how could we best address these challenges, particularly in view of fast evolving regulatory requirements, language barriers, as well as risks in a completely different culture, business and policy environment in China?


Operating from Switzerland with years of regulatory experience on China and deep insights on technologies, CETR consultants are your reliable China regulatory experts in Europe to help you to achieve regulatory approvals of your products at Chinese authorities with the shortest time possible, high quality service, and least effort and minimal risk for you.


We understand your needs, concerns and expectations as an European tech company looking for accessing the highly attractive yet challenging Chinese market. We are located in your region so we can meet in person to easily communicate and work closely together to address all the complexities and difficulties in your registration strategy / project while ensuring a high quality of service with  protection of your IP and confidentiality of your business information.


We are particularly experienced in managing registration projects in China so you can get regulatory approvals at Chinese authorities with the shortest time possible and more confidence for a success. A fast registration enables a timely introduction of your product to the Chinese market, which gives your business a major boost with significant revenue inflow ahead of schedule and an advantageous edge in the highly competitive and fast changing market in China.

CETR China Europe Tech Regulatory helps your business on all the needs in product registrations and compliance to build your business growth in China on a solid foundation. It is the best with a fast regulatory registration to enable your early entry to the Chinese market to capture the fast growth of the market before your competitors. It is as well essential to have sound compliance of your products in the Chinese market, so you can focus on other important aspects of growing your business in China and other international markets.


We at CETR operate in both Europe and China and assure you a peace of mind meeting these challenges with our high quality services tailored to your every regulatory needs for the Chinese market.

We help you to register your products in China with the shortest time possible and with the best compliance.

Speak with us to have our advice and details of a service collaboration.


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