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Swiss companies revisit their China strategies

October 31, 2022

In October 2022, the Swiss business community held a China Strategy symposium in Zurich to exchange understandings on China's latest development of major policies, discuss the current difficulties, prospects, and challenges for Swiss companies to operate in China and how Swiss companies should define or adjust their China strategies.

The challenges brought by the pandemic control measure in China to the operation and management of multinational companies, and the potential risks of geopolitics to corporate operations, are the focus of attention of Swiss companies. There are difficulties and doubts, but more are an affirmation of the importance of China as Switzerland's third largest trading partner, a market with huge strength and prospects, as well as an understanding and appreciation of China's national development strategies and policies, and confidence in China's development prospects.

The symposium was organized by the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The participants were objective and pragmatic to discuss and exchange views on the path for a win-win growth of Swiss companies in China. This is highly valuable in the current environment of public opinions in Europe. It is hoped that the Swiss government and industries carry forward such a neutral, objective, and pragmatic tradition to deepen China-Switzerland cooperation and bring further benefits to the people of the two countries.

CETR participated in this event.


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